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Welcome to Penneshaw Kindergarten

Philosophy Statement

At the Penneshaw Kindergarten we believe children are competent, capable and unique individuals who bring a wealth of knowledge, skills and ideas to our kindergarten. We aim to provide a safe, nurturing and welcoming environment in which children’s ideas and interests are listened to, valued and built upon, to guide our learning journey.

Our program is guided by the Early Years Learning Framework of Australia, ‘Belonging, Being, Becoming which outlines best practice and reflects contemporary early childhood research and theory. Educators support children to work towards the learning outcomes:

We believe children’s learning is complex, dynamic and holistic with play providing the perfect context for learning. Children’s play is supported by a rich, flexible learning environment which promotes curiosity, exploration, creativity and resourcefulness. We strive to provide authentic experiences through which children can connect with their environment and each other. Educators play a crucial role in children’s learning through creating an environment full of learning potential and interacting within children’s play to promote fairness, problem solving, experimentation and reflective thinking. We acknowledge the importance of dispositions for learning and therefore plan to develop children’s confidence, independence, persistence, resilience and a positive mindset towards taking on challenges.

We value relationships with children, families, staff and the wider community. We recognise parents as their child’s first educators and aim to develop trusting, respectful partnerships with all families making them feel welcome and valuing their input and feedback. We strive to make connections with the wider community to share skills, resources and to access services to support children, families and educators.

We value a happy, friendly, learning environment in which the skills and knowledge of educators are valued and utilised. We aim to promote a culture of self-reflection and continual improvement.